The Slate 4:12

Ten Candles

As of yesterday, I sent out the very last kickstarter reward for Ten Candles. It felt amazing. I'm working out a campaign-end video in my head, but I'm happy to say that Ten Candles is finally complete!

And We Are Alive

This is a book of fiction that was produced as part of the Ten Candles kickstarter and is now available on! I originally was only planning on releasing this as a PDF, but I liked the fiction so much that I've released it as a full softcover book. I think it will probably not translate over to a digital form anytime soon (unless you were a KS backer) because good golly gumdrops I love having it in a physical form.


The entirety of my work this past month has been on Gather, though it's been a lot of internal brainstorming and consideration. I hope to have some more information coming out about this soon!