Too Many Mediums

And in at the Golden Cobra competition buzzer, I present my game: Too Many Mediums.

The goal of this year's contest is to generate elegant, expansive, uplifting games. The big catch this year was that the entire game needed to be able to fit on a single sheet of paper. Golden Cobras will be awarded in five categories: 

  • Best use of somatic elements
  • Most culturally responsible design
  • Best use of magical realism
  • Funniest
  • Most Convention Ready

Optional ingredients:

  • dinosaurs
  • ghosts
  • parasites
  • stardust

I utilized the ghosts ingredient to make a hilarious (I think) game about an overload of mediums at a seance. I designed it around the Funniest, Most Convention Ready, and Best Use of Somatic Elements categories. I don't expect to win, but this was a hilariously fun exercise in making a game outside of my usual stuff. This game, like most games I write for design contests, is not technically "finished". I hope to polish it up, get some nice art, and probably present the final copy in some format other than a single double-sided sheet of paper. But for now, since this is technically at an "external playtest" stage, I am releasing it to all of you! If you get a chance to play it, let me know what you think!