While I cannot release a lot of information regarding this project currently, I wanted to make all of you aware of a new game project that I was becoming involved with.

Working Title: During

After METATOPIA I was approached by a game designer I met there and presented with a game concept. The root of the idea is a highly emotional empathy-building tabletop roleplaying game, centered around the journey that close circles of family and friends go through surrounding a cancer diagnosis. As both the game designer and myself have experience with cancer in our family, we were both interested in the project on a personal level and have decided to co-design it. 

There is much about the game yet to be determined, and we don't even have an alpha protype up and running yet, but as always I like to keep you all informed as to what I'm working on.

As this is a collaborative project I don't have as much freedom as I normally do to discuss the project or share the files as they're being worked on, but keep an eye out for my monthly Slate articles and you'll be able to see if I've been working on it!