The Slate 12:20 (Part 1)

Behold! The December Slate! Part... one? What? STAY TUNED!

For those who may be recent arrivals to the Design HQ blog, my monthly Slate articles is a way for you to see exactly what has been on my slate this month. This is the best way to see what I'm working on monthly, and also a way for me to be accountable and ensure that I am actually making progress on my various projects on a regular basis. So... what have I been working on?

Ten Candles Deluxe Edition

I know what you're thinking. "Are you seriously not done with Ten Candles yet?" I ask myself that in the mirror every morning. 

The deluxe edition of Ten Candles has been an incredibly tricky project for a lot of reasons. The best way to sum up all of those reasons however is that I simply want to work on the deluxe edition forever. There is so much I want to add and I am constantly coming up with new things to throw in there. However, I am happy to say that my work with Ten Candles, for the most part, is complete. I have sent the deluxe edition off to a couple printers to receive proofs and make my final selections before ordering the full thirty-book print run, and sending it off to my handful of deluxe kickstarter backers who have been the pinnacle of patience these past several months.

Of course, work on the deluxe edition also means work on...

Ten Candles Fiction Companion

You may or may not know, but there is essentially an anthology of short stories that accompanies the deluxe edition of Ten Candles. I hope to release this as a standalone book sometime next year. Originally, I was going to keep it just as part of the Kickstarter but I love these stories way too much. You can read two of the stories (pre-edits) here and here.

Not to mention...

Ten Candles Hacks & Special Modules

Also as part of the deluxe edition are a few special modules and hacks on the normal game of Ten Candles. I also hope to release these as a small companion next year. With both of these, I am shooting for a release at PAX East 2017. But, we shall see how things go.

Patreon Drive

My goal is to reach my next Patreon milestone by the end of the year. At the time of writing this, I am only $18 away from there, and I think it's a stretch, but it definitely may be doable. Feel free to put the word out!

More To Come...

I have taken a vacation from work from 12/23 through 01/02. While some of this will be eaten by holidays, the intent behind the remaining days is as a game design staycation. In that time, I have hiiiigh hopes for myself. I likely won't achieve everything I'm planning, but here is what's currently on the docket, in order of priority:

Games To Be Updated

The below games are already complete in some form but I want to use this time to polish them, update the prototypes, release external playtest versions to you guys, or simply update them based on METATOPIA feedback.

  1. To Serve Her Wintry Hunger: Needs to be finalized for an upcoming anthology release
  2. Speak of Gathers: Looking to release an official external playtest version
  3. Ten Candles: Polishing the PDF for my second print run, and finalizing the fiction and hack companions for PDF release
  4. Uncanny Valley: Looking to release an updated external playtest version

Games To Be Prototyped

The below games are all new and largely unworked, but I want to put my brain in a blender and churn out as many functional prototypes for them as possible over this week. These games will only thrive if I can get them around a table in some form so they can start being played. 

  1. Monsterwalk
  2. SKELETON (working title)
  3. MINE (working title)
  4. Cornerstone
  5. ECHOES (working title)

Other Projects

There is only one other project currently on my plate - the creation of a 2017 tabletop campaign for my wife and housemates. We are using the 7th Sea system, and I have some final prep I need to do before we dive in just after Christmas. I have hopes to record the game and post it in an actual-play format online, but everything's still up in the air, so stay tuned for more details!

I will endeavor to release a part two to this Slate post as the staycation proceeds with updates on what has gotten done, so stay tuned!