The Slate 3:16

The Slate is a monthly roundup that provides you with a look at all of the current games and projects I have on my slate and am actively working on. Here, you can see the games I'm putting time into, where I am in that process, and predictions of when they will be ready for release to Patreon supporters and beyond. Enjoy!



My primary project is the finalization of the Ten Candles hardcover edition to complete my Kickstarter fulfillment. The hardcover edition will not be sold normally, and will only be available through Kickstarter or through unique follow-up giveaways. It contains several additional bits of content.

  • Alternate cover art
  • A introduction by Epidiah Ravichol
  • Ten short stories inspired by the world of Ten Candles
  • Alternate game hacks/variants for playing Ten Candles as a campaign
  • Some new art, and a few new modules.

These additional pieces of content are nearly 100% created. I need to write about 2,000 more words for the short stories to be complete, and finalize the alternate game hacks (of which there are only a couple, and they're not that detailed). The alternate cover art, introduction, new art, and new modules are all complete. Everything will be in the hands of my editor by the end of March, and will be sent to the printers in early April.



To Serve Her Wintry Hunger is a GM-less microgame for four players that takes roughly an hour. It is a roleplaying game, similar in style to games like Sorceress, Bloody Sorceress and The Holly & The Ivy. It was created as a submission to J. Walton's Seasonally Affected game anthology which he will be putting out at the end of 2016, and has been officially selected as a part of the collection! TSHWH exists in a playable alpha prototype, and will likely be released to GOLD and PLATINUM Patreon supporters in April, with a final PDF being released to all Patreon supporters later this year. 

The premise of the game is that that players take the role of evil winter spirits in service to the eternally hungry Yuki Onna. She has sent them out into the great blizzard she has summoned to track and subdue a human that has become lost in her storm. It is a hilariously dark game of cruel spirits betraying, belittling, and pitying each other in a race to work their ethereal magics against an unsuspecting human. It's a blast.



You are the first ones to hear about this game project! Another GM-less microgame I am working on, for any number of players, Gather concerns a highly ritualistic meeting between speakers from several tribes, come together to lend the voice of their tribe to the assembly. 

The premise of this game is that each player represents an entire tribe. A "Gather" is an annual meeting of these Speakers on neutral ground, within which they may share knowledge, glean it, voice concerns, air grievances, or simply tell their story. The Gather is deeply seated in rituals, specifically based around the belief that no one voice among the Gather is any more important or less important than another. This is represented by the questions of the Gather being answered in unison by all attendees.

More information will come about Gather in the future. My plan is to have a Patron-only playtest of this game in April or May.



My Name Is Not Alex is on the books as my next big project. It is an Alternate Reality Game for one player, and is presented through a single game book. I anticipate it taking up to a year to complete the game, and being a highly emotional experience.

The premise is that there is a person, by the name of Alex, trapped inside a book. You come to find that they were bound there by some strange enigmatic figures. Conveniently, Alex knows the exact steps, rituals, and processes that must be performed for them to escape their prison, however, they cannot do it alone. They need your help. 

Much more information will be available about Alex in the months to come, but for a quick preview of what you can expect, check out my post On Playability to look at the first few pages.