The Slate 4:16

The Slate is a monthly roundup that provides you with a look at all of the current games and projects I have on my slate and am actively working on. Here, you can see the games I'm putting time into, where I am in that process, and predictions of when they will be ready for release to Patreon supporters and beyond. 

As a note, you may see some games here you saw in last month's edition of The Slate, which you might expect. You may also see that some games are missing from that list! What that means is that I simply haven't put time into the game over the past month. They haven't been abandoned! Don't worry! This list is just for you to get an idea of what I've been working on this past month.



My primary project continues to be the finalization of the Ten Candles hardcover edition to complete my Kickstarter fulfillment. 

The vast majority of content is finally with my editor, who is only waiting on a single remaining story and the last of my campaign hack material. This should be done soon! Don't want to wait? Check out one of the short fiction stories (by yours truly) here!



To Serve Her Wintry Hunger saw it's third playtest at PAX East 2016. The guys had a blast, but we were able to find a handful of questions and pieces that needed clarification. When it comes to playtesting a game, noting anywhere the players had a question is pretty important, so I'm hoping to take this feedback and bring it forward as I continue making edits.



At PAX this past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to immerse myself in game design chatter throughout my time at the Indie Bazaar booth with some other great creators. AWAKWSTS was one product of those conversations. This was an idea I had ages ago, but that people actually seemed really excited about. It's still in the very early-bird stages of brainstorming, so if you want to see what the full pitch looks like, check it out here!