The Slate 6:14

The Slate is a monthly roundup that provides you with a look at all of the current games and projects I have on my slate and am actively working on. Here, you can see the games I'm putting time into, where I am in that process, and predictions of when they will be ready for release to Patreon supporters and beyond. 

As a note, you may see some games here you saw in last month's edition of The Slate, which you might expect. You may also see that some games are missing from that list! What that means is that I simply haven't put time into the game over the past month. They haven't been abandoned! Don't worry! This list is just for you to get an idea of what I've been working on this past month.


As you may have read in my announcement post, I'm working on a new game. Or, rather, I have completed a new game. One of the many glorious things about the Game Chef competition is that you only have about a week and a half to create your game. This condenses the design mightily, such that if you actually can nose-to-the-grindstone efficiently enough, come the end of 9 days, you've got a full game.

You can read about Uncanny Valley here, but the conceit is that it's a police interrogation of an android who is just trying to file a police report regarding an assault they experienced. It deals with some heavy themes, and I have no idea if it will work, but I'm excited to playtest it out sometime over the next couple of months.


Not so much a game, but this did take up some of my time: This past weekend I attended JiffyCon, an every-so-often micro convention in Western, MA focused around independent tabletop roleplaying games, including several playtests. I had the opportunity to run a game of Ten Candles as well as play Hannah Schaffer's upcoming game Damn the Man! Save the Music! which is a game set alongside the story of the Empire Records movie. It was a ton of fun, and uses a hack of her rules system previously created for Questlandia. 


I haven't announced this yet, or otherwise talked about it to anyone but my co-GM, but I am working on a chamber LARP called Last Call. It revolves around a night out at the pub with friends, stories, and magic tricks, laid against a background of supernatural horror. I am looking to complete a playtestable version of this game shortly and host an internal playtest sometime over the next couple of months. More information to come!