The Light Remains

Ten Candles Module --
The Light Remains


Ten days ago the world went dark. The sky went black. The sun vanished.

Five days ago, You came.

Keep moving. Keep feeding. And stay out of the light.

It was long foretold that Your time would come. At long last, into a darkened world You have come. The darkness is Your armor. The night Your shield. The world Your hunting ground.

At first, humanity lit up the world to drive You back, but their power reserves ran low and soon endless miles of blackness opened before You, hundreds of thousands of screams ripe for the harvest.

Your work here is nearly finished. A particularly resilient clutch of humans have tucked themselves away in and around a fortified and well-lit sanctuary. You have been sent by Your dark masters to wipe it from the face of the world. The humans bristle with weaponry, flood lights, and a score to settle, but just like all of their kind they are scared. You can smell their fear on the wind. They know what is coming. You may die in the assault, but this is a small sacrifice toward a much greater end. Humanity's end. And it comes today.  

Areas of Note: The dark cathedral, a black road, the light traps, outskirts, The Bastion
Goal: Destroy the last bastion of humanity.

The Final Recording Variant: A final recording should still be made, leaving one last message for your dark masters before setting out on your mission. 

Traits Variant: Every character has two Traits: a strength and a hunger. Strengths represent a Trait which details something about the character's weapon, tactics, prowess, or that is otherwise strong and deadly. Strengths should detail how a character destroys. Hungers represent a Trait which the character desires, thirsts for,  or seeks out. Hungers should detail why a character destroys, or for what. 

Examples of Strengths:  Merciless, Claws, Nightmares, Wind, Fangs, Fear, Possession. 
Examples of Hungers: Blood, Memories, Fear, Innocents, Bones, Hope.

Moments Variant: Moments detail a personal scene or event that will be played out for each character at some point during the session. Significantly, in living this Moment a character will have the opportunity to devour hope. You might devour hope in overcoming a human's desperate attack, in sundering knowledge or protection, in breaking apart a family, or in breaching the walls of a safe haven. To establish Moments, each character should write down "I will devour hope..." at the top of their Moment index card.

Examples of Moments: "I will devour hope..."
"... in the flaming ruins of a place of worship."
"... when someone's child lies dead at my feet."
"... when I stand strong against a hail of gunfire."
"... when their defenses collapse before me."
"... when their lights die at my command."

Brinks Variant: In lieu of Brinks, instead characters gain Weaknesses. Writing a Weakness is much like writing a Trait, however instead of describing how and why a character destroys, Weaknesses describe what a character may be destroyed by. Rather than representing all of the power a character holds, a Weakness show what may bring about a character's downfall. Whether a character will face their Weakness, or run from it is each player's decision to make. 

As with standard Brinks, players create a Weakness for the player seated to their left, writing "I have seen your downfall..." at the top of the index card. 

Examples of Weaknesses: "I have seen your downfall..."
"... in your fear of the light."
"... at the hands of a true believer."
"... before the might of silver weapons."
"... and it is flame."

During this process, two of the players will find themselves in interesting positions, because the GM is also included in writing Weaknesses. The player sitting to the left of the GM has the secret of their Weakness safe from the other players because it is not another character who has seen their downfall and knows their weakness, but the humans. The player to the right of the GM will not be writing a Weakness at all. Instead, they will be writing a Brink of sorts, writing "I have seen their last hope..." at the top of the index card. They have seen what the humans are capable of. Maybe they've seen a resilience the humans show, a particular strength, or even a secret weapon. Through writing this Brink, the player in question holds a lot of power to establish a power that the humans possess, some kind of knowledge, or a weapon that has been kept hidden. 

Examples of Brinks: "I have seen their last hope..."
"... in our artifacts which they have stolen."
"... and it is no more than a simple child."
"... they seek to bring back the sun."

"... guns, guns, and more guns."
"... and it is just that. Hope."