Uncanny Valley

Recently, I participated in the annual Game Chef competition. Despite toying with ideas in previous years, this was the first year I actually competed. I was thrilled to have my game Uncanny Valley chosen as one of the nine finalists

Uncanny Valley is a tough game. It was tough to write, and hard to playtest. Not because the game is complex, but because it deals with some "real heavy shit".

The game did very well, and received a lot of praise, but in the end victory was won by my good pal Robert Bohl for his delightful little game Beyond Our Walls

However, one of the wonderful things about Game Chef is that you can check out all of the games after the competition is over! That means Uncanny Valley is now open, available, and ready to play. Check out the game here!

Because you're my lovely Patrons, and I tell you many secrets, you will be the first to know that this is far from Uncanny Valley's final form. I intend to dive back into the game with the feedback of my reviewers, in addition to bringing on at least two game consultants, including Anna Kreider of Peach Pants Press.  Once I've had a chance to work with the two consultants, I intend to bring an editor into the process, as well as an artist for some iconography, before finalizing new and improved layout for the game documents. At that point, the game will be ready for a full publication and release. I anticipate the final product being a $5.00 PDF, available for sale on cavalrygames.com. 

This is a project I'm very excited for, but it obviously has a long way to go before I'm really comfortable releasing it. If you have any suggestions or feedback based on the game, feel free to let me know in the comments below. Thanks!