Patreon Roundup: 0.5 Years!

Hey everyone,

First off, I just want to extend my sincere thanks to you. All of you. I want nothing more than to be a game designer, and while big Kickstarters are amazing, it's the community we're building here that I am so proud of and so happy to be a part of. The fact that you are all genuinely supporting me in this endeavor blows my mind and absolutely overwhelms me with happiness. You are sincerely helping my dreams come true and for that I deeply thank you.

Let's Talk About Patreon

As you may have read in my last entry, "So, What's Next", I did a bit of a breakdown into what's important to me about this Patreon. I highly suggest you go check out that article as it's a HUGE breakdown of everything going on with me as a designer currently, and offers some great insight. While I may not be having another "So, What's Next" article for a good long while, I do intend to post these roundups every six months or so, just to provide an update on the Patreon, and what we've accomplished over the past six months. Before I get into that, I do want to make a couple things clear about Patreon, and being a part of this Patreon community. 

  • This Patreon is about Making Games - Every creator runs their Patreon differently, and I am not saying that doing it this way is the right way, and I'm especially not saying that creators who run their Patreons differently are doing it the wrong way, but I just want to make it clear to you guys as my supporters exactly where your money is going. The money you put into this Patreon is going towards helping me, Stephen Dewey, as a game designer. It's helping me make games. It's not going to my groceries, mortgage, student loans, or whatever else you could imagine. It is all going directly into making games. That will usually fall into one of three categories:
    1. getting the stuff I need to make games
    2. getting the stuff, knowledge, and experience I need to make games even awesomer, and
    3. building the community I need to help me make more games. 
  • I Pledge to be Transparent If you haven't yet, feel free to scope out my Patreon milestones. Every single milestone I try to make it crystal clear exactly what will be funded. In some cases, money may go into a fund to be spent on several things however, and even in this cases I want to be fully transparent. That's where these six-month roundups will help. Every six months I want to give a full breakdown of everywhere your money has gone over the past six months. 

Alright, now that that's out of the way...

Let's Talk About How I've Spent Your Money

In the first six months, we have reached three milestones.

$50/mo - Software
Fifty bucks a month is going towards software. I use the full Adobe Creative Suite of applications as the basic building blocks for making games. This includes Adobe InDesign, and Adobe Photoshop, along with several others. I am still learning how to best utilize these programs, but they have already proven a big help in putting games together.

$87/mo - Website
Thirty-seven bucks a month go toward my website In order to continue building a presence as a game designer, to get more funds to help with game design, and to build out our community, I need a strong web presence. This pays for my hosting fees with Squarespace as well as the actual domain name and fees. Thanks to you, I never have to worry about expiring.

$110/mo - PO Box & Video
Twenty-three bucks a month go towards owning a PO box at my local post office. This was a big step for me, not just professionally, but personally. My wife and I both wanted to take our personal home address off of every package we shipped. This is still being processed by the Post Office, but I'll have a shiny new PO box as soon as this is complete. In addition, this also goes to fund a visual upgrade to the Patreon page. Really, all that means is that I'll have the funds to pay for someone to do some video edits for me on a Patreon video. Everything else will be done by me. Because the PO box became a personal necessity, I'll actually be paying for the video edits out of pocket in order to get the PO box as soon as possible (rather than waiting a month or two to invest funds in the video first), but I'm happy to do it at this level anyways.

We are $7 out of the $35 we need to reach our next Milestone: being an actual business. Currently, Cavalry Games is just a DBA. However, not least of which because Ten Candles is a game that uses fire and having legal protection would probably be a good idea, I want to build this into my own LLC. At this $152/mo level, this pays for LLC filing and renewal fees on a yearly basis.

Once we surpass this $152/mo level, we move out of the "pay monthly fees for boring things" phase, and start moving into some fun territory. At $175/mo for example, there is a new project announcement, all the way up to $325/mo where I get to officially announce my next Kickstarter.

Let's Talk About What You Got

I really, really want to make sure you feel like you are getting your money's worth supporting me here on Patreon. Since our launch I've posted, including this, 25 articles or pieces of writing on DesignHQ. This includes articles about Game Theory, monthly summaries of my projects, pieces of fiction, custom Ten Candles modules, two external game releases (To Serve Her Wintry Hunger and Uncanny Valley), musings on game design, and various game announcement/pitches/concept art. We also had one Google Hangouts session. I hope to get at least one of these in every six-months, but I'd ideally like to get a few in.

Fun Fact: Out of the 25 articles I posted, I've received comments on exactly none of them! So, moving forward into our second half of the first year, I encourage you to please comment on articles! In some of them I ask for feedback, or your thoughts. I really want this to be an active community - not just me standing on a soapbox shouting opinions at you! This is a really great opportunity to help guide me forward and let me know the sort of content you'd like to see. This article is a great start. Let me know what you'd like to see more of in the coming months!

More Game Theory? More musings? Video? Audio? More games? More about a particular game that's caught your eye? More fiction? Actually hiring an editor to peruse these entries before I post them? More stuff you'd like to hear about in these roundups? Let me know!!! 

Thank you guys so much again for your continued support. It is crazy awesome and it blows my mind. Thank you thank you thank you!!!