The Slate 9:16

The Slate is a monthly roundup that provides you with a look at all of the current games and projects I have on my slate and am actively working on. Here, you can see the games I'm putting time into, where I am in that process, and predictions of when they will be ready for release to Patreon supporters and beyond. 

As a note, you may see some games here you saw in last month's edition of The Slate, which you might expect. You may also see that some games are missing from that list! What that means is that I simply haven't put time into the game over the past month. They haven't been abandoned! Don't worry! This list is just for you to get an idea of what I've been working on this past month.


I actually haven't touched Ten Candles this month. It's incredibly exciting. Not that I don't love Ten Candles, but more because I am excited to see this project finally complete so I can dive fully into other things. The final pieces are with my editor still. As soon as they are complete, off the game goes to the printer!


Gather has been through some weird stages recently, and I've invested a bit of time in it this month. Honestly, I thought this game was dead, or at least deeply changed, but here it is back from the brink of the junk drawer. I want to write a post sometime about how Gather nearly died, but the summary is that for some time I thought about uprooting the ideas behind Gather and turning it into a completely different game. I worried that Gather was not playable enough, or not enough "of a game". A lot of that was rooted in the fact that, at it's core, I didn't really know what Gather was about. It meant a lot to me, but I wasn't sure why. 

Then it hit me.

The inspiration for Gather came from being a game designer. It came from the idea of the gaming community asking a question and the game design community shouting back in response. It's about all these design voices overlapping and overwhelming each other, in the hopes that someone might hear your voice and think that the game you're talking about sounds interesting. It is a quiet, simple game, and I have found that it means a whole hell of a lot to me. 

The description above, taken by itself, is probably a bad summary of why I'm writing the game. I hope to talk about it more clearly in the future, but in the meantime I'll keep working on Gather until it's finally ready to be released. GOLD backers, you can check out the game as it stands over in my WIP folder.


AotS is a micro game that was born out of the 200-word RPG contest the first year David ran it. You can see the original submission here. It wasn't named a finalist in the competition, but I saw a lot of fun potential in the design and wanted to continue working with it. Originally my hope was to design the game to fit on a business card, but in my attempts to really help the game find it's footing it's sprawled out onto a couple pages. In my continuing efforts to be one of the "cool" indie designers with at least one business-card-sized game I may try to scale it back in the future, but I'm really happy with where the game is at. 

Hey, if you want to play it by the way, fuck it, here ya go. As with all of the playtestable games, please don't go posting that around anywhere, but if you run it with a group please let me know how it goes!


Alright, so... I consider myself a funny guy. That being said, I've never really given a lot of thought to writing funny games. Usually the game ideas I have are heavy, atmospheric, and emotional. Aaaaand along came the Golden Cobra Contest.

I really like game design contests. Annalers of the Skein, Uncanny Valley, To Serve Her Wintry Hunger, and now Too Many Mediums have all come out of game design contest-y things. They focus me, motivate me with a deadline, and often give me prompts or jumping off points. I love game design sprints so much that I would be surprised if I didn't run my own game jam in the next year or so, but that's neither here nor there.

Too Many Mediums is a hilarious freeform LARP meant to be played at loud busy gaming conventions. It involves trying to overhear various conversations, trying to rope random convention attendees into the game with zero context, and potentially a bit of shouting. It is shaping up to be pretty darn hilarious, and I'm really excited for it if I'm being honest. GOLD backers, as usual, you can check it out in progress in the WIP folder.

In conclusion, it's been a pretty busy month for me. The combination of a few conventions lighting the creativity fires under my butt, as well as Ten Candles now being off my plate in a big way, has provided me with some motivation to really get some work done!