The Slate (January-March)

Well, it's been a little while. Let's do some catchup!

Over the past few months I have been deeply busy with a wide number of projects.

Ten Candles

One of my main projects the past few months has been the final fulfillment of my roleplaying game Ten Candles and it's original Kickstarter. This included finalizing the deluxe edition of the game, the fiction companion And We Are Alive, and a small micro-expansion for campaign play. My goal was to complete all of these in advance of PAX East, which I was able to very excitingly achieve!

I have a few last deluxe editions to send out, under 10, but at this point the project is essentially done which is very exciting!

I am in the process of ordering the Ten Candles official second printing, and I can't wait to get these new copies in. Mostly aesthetic and formatting changes, but I think they'll be some good ones. Plus the art. No more white guys!


I've been working heavily on Gather, a game I know some folks on here are very excited about. Admittedly, a lot of that work has been in my brainspace, and not on paper, as I've been trying to figure out some emotional touchstones of the game, and how I want to make that game rise above and beyond what it is currently. 

I've restarted work from scratch on the core rulebook, and even just yesterday had a whole epiphany about a way to present the rulebook that was new and exciting. Again, all of these steps take time, but the game is taking form and now that Ten Candles is truly complete as of earlier this month, my 100% focus is on Gather. I really want this to be my next Kickstarter and was really hoping we'd hit the $304 milestone by now but I'm hoping we can try and swing out the KS in six months, even if it's a bit financially tight.

PAX East

I was able to join the Indie Bazaar at PAX East a couple weeks ago which was absolutely fantastic. I don't like a lot of things about PAX, but I love the Indie Bazaar community and I love getting the chance to see any or all of you awesome folks there!


Last month I launched Mantlewarden, which is a play-by-post game that I am sending out to Platinum+ supporters on a monthly basis. I am very excited about this project and the game is already shaping up to have a pretty diverse group of character that will get to participate. As this is a running play-by-mail game there's no set party but there are interesting ways characters could interact which is very neat to me. Mantlewarden will be landing as a sort of play-by-mail and ARG hybrid and I'm thrilled to see where it goes.

To Serve Her Wintry Hunger

To Serve is complete! Gold+ supporters should be able to view the full and complete game in my Works in Progress folder. That will be coming out as part of an upcoming anthology which I think is nearing completion with the editors. I have hopes for a July release date but we shall see.

Things have been pretty quiet on here the past couple months because preparing for PAX East and getting everything done that I needed to get done in advance of that has been bewilderingly difficult. Thankfully, we're on the other side of it now, so I'm excited to see how projects take form moving forward.

Thanks for your continued support!