Pitch: And With A Kiss We Split The Stars

What's a Pitch? Pitches are quick initial sketches of game ideas. They are in the very beginning of planning and brainstorming, so if you see a post labeled as a Pitch it probably contains literally all of the information I have about a game. I'll post it here if I'm excited enough about a game idea to bring it to my Patreons. I want to know your feedback. Would you be excited to play this? Do you want to see more? Let me know! But for now, enjoy!

a game about the two of you and that time you broke the universe
for mostly three, sometimes two, and very rarely one player(s)

This game is GM-less and centers around a romance spiraling through several realities. The basic premise is this: the game starts with a kiss. The two protagonist characters of the game are falling in love and have just shared their first kiss. In so doing they have fractured space/time/reality. 

The reason for this, in a very VERY short abbreviated version, is based around Infinite Universe Theory. Specifically that in an infinite number of realities, an infinite number of times, they have not kissed, for an infinite number of reasons. However, in this one and only one reality they have. Singular events being a statistical impossibility among infinity, well, crashboom you broke everything. 

Cue the couple toppling into alternate reality after alternate reality, each more odd than the last, and all thematically tied even in a loose sense to their romantic struggle (namely: why us? why are we more "meant for each other" here than in any other of an infinite realities? why did they decide to walk away? should we have? are we stronger than them? are we somehow more in love? etc).

In each reality fracture there is something they can do to fix that respective fracture, in an attempt to get home. There are therefore alternate endings to each microgame depending on how they leave things (a la Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple's "parades or pitchforks", which may impact the overall story). While there is a somewhat "linear" flow to the microgames (if you played them all in order, there would be a sense of themes flowing into themes) players are invited to play them in any order they wish, with a single microgame listed as the hard and fast "First" game, and another being the hard and fast "Last" game.

I call the two protagonist characters "The Lover" and "Their Beloved" (though "the couple" does fine for this explanation). The couple can take the form of any and all manner of relationship dynamic/gender identity, all of which is established at the beginning of play. Aside from being gender neutral, "The Lover" and "Their Beloved" also sets up a sort of interesting relationship from the get-go, where one person is more invested than the other. The couple will ideally be played by the same two players throughout the entirety of the game.

There is a third character, however. The player(s) taking on this third role can (and perhaps should) shift from game to game. 

This third character is known currently in my brain as "And The One They Met Along The Way" (Let's just call them Three for now). Three is a traveler of sorts, who exists a bit outside of time and reality. They are a bit the River Song (Doctor Who) of this story. They are not in every microgame, but they are in the majority, and act sporadically as a guide, sage, competitor, villain, and lover for the protagonists. Three is jumping between realities in their own linear path (maybe working backwards along the timeline). Unlike the couple, who experience the games one at a time in whatever order they choose, Three has a firm progression to their realities, such that Three may know things about realities the couple has yet to visit, or may interact with the couple in ways that won't make sense until they reach a certain reality. Three has mysterious motives. Three is a genderfluid/xenofluid character who has their own romantic entanglements with The Lover and Their Beloved throughout the game. They are, inherently, an everchanging being that constantly shifts and swirls. As such, the player for Three can change from game to game.

Occasionally, a game might call for one player if the protagonists have lost each other, and the game, or part of it, is played alone. 

Mechanically my brain is currently pulling inspiration from PBTA, though you might barely recognize the system when I'm done with it. At least insofar as each player would have their own playbook ("The Lover", "The Beloved", "And The One They Met Along The Way". Each playbook would contain all of the microgames their character was in and what their character needs to know about them or how they might interact with them. Each game you play typically advances your character in some way - maybe with a new move or a handy bit of something or knowledge or nothing at all. The more you play the more you discover about your relationship and flesh out the history of these characters as well as their future.

Eventually you reach the end of the game and have to decide whether you want to say "fuck you" to reality and go forward with a thing that an infinite number of you have walked away from, or if you want to go your separate ways. Maybe one of those fixes everything, or maybe neither of them does.

The plan is for this game to contain 24 microgames. There would be core rules (though these might be played with game to game) and a relatively core structure to each game, but beyond that the games are free to spiral off in whatever direction they choose. Each game would be designed by a different independent game designer, with myself writing the First and Last game. Each game is tied to a certain time of day. So, if you played at two in the afternoon you would play the 2pm game. If you wanted to play the 4am game you would need to play at four in the morning. This can also inform some design decisions for each game.