It Comes Back Around

Ten Candles Module --
It Comes Back Around


The mobile carrier Space Station Malcolm's Wish has just had an accident. The problem is, you can't remember what it was.

The SSMW is a pinnacle of modern scientific design, equipped with dozens of modules, sufficient escape pods, and a detachable bridge FTL-equipped star cruiser. The entire rig is the model of efficiency, with a sentient AI handling the vast majority of day-to-day operations, allowing the station to be left in the hands of only a handful of onboard crew.

This far out in space however, if anything went wrong, the consequences could be dire. Hence, for the safety of the crew and the station, an onboard internal Temporal Echo device has been installed as a failsafe. The Temporal Echo works simply, and will be activated by the station's AI if a crew member has perished or if the station has taken critical or irreversible damage. When activated, the entirety of the ship and it's occupants shall be temporally reverted to a moment in time prior to the incident. 

The problem is, there's a green light flashing throughout the SSMW, which can mean only one thing. The Echo has been activated... twenty minutes from now. Something has gone wrong with the station, or will, and if you have any hopes of stopping this loop from happening again you need to find out what. 

Areas of Note: The bridge, escape pods, various modules onboard
Goal: Solve whatever problem is causing the time loops, or if it's hopeless, manually shut down the AI to end the time loops once and for all.

Suggested Play Notes: In this module, rather than having the characters die only at the very final scene, every time a conflict is failed it should result in a characters death or critical damage being done to the space station. In effect, each time a candle is darkened, it should be darkened to the AI intoning "Temporal Echo activated in 3... 2... 1...", effectively resetting play to the beginning.

The Final Recording Variant: While the final recording as it exists doesn't make much sense with this module, I would suggest either removing it entirely, or potentially incorporating a mechanic such that players can make a very brief recording each scene that carries over to the next loop.