Announcing: To Serve Her Wintry Hunger

This past December, Jonathan Walton announced that he was collecting game submissions for a collaborative effort known as "Seasonally Affected", and anthology of short wintry games to be release in the yet-to-come winter of 2016. An idea flooded my consciousness which I wrote out into a game in just the span of a handful of hours. I submitted it, and it was accepted! That game was to serve Her wintry hunger.

to serve is a game for exactly four players, with no game master. In it, players take the roles of a quartet of cruel, mischievous, and ethereal winter spirits in service to the ineffable Yuki Onna. Your job is simple. Yuki Onna has summoned up a vile blizzard and has trapped a human somewhere within it. You have been tasked to go out into her winter storm and capture the human alive, so that she might drain them of their essence and rejoice in the feast. 

With some inspiration drawn from Meguey Baker's The Holly & The Ivy, to serve is a hunting game. Players roll a handful of dice each round trying to acquire different numbers. If you can acquire the numbers you're looking for before the other players you have the opportunity to race ahead of them as you hunt the human down. There's also a fun little mechanism for taking pity on other players who can't quite get the numbers they need, and all the while one of the threads that ties the game together is that you're actually cutting out a snowflake. 

It is kind of hard to explain, but you won't have to rely on my explanations for long. to serve is on track to reach an externally available playtest version sometime this month or next which means you'll all get a chance to see a copy and go to play it with your friends. In the meantime however, here is a quick preview. Enjoy!