They Who Will Answer

Ten Candles Module --
They Who Will Answer


Velvet cloaks the table. Ten candles sit upon it, lighting the dark room. Each has spice blended into the wax, lending a strange smell and a thick curl to the wisps of smoke that curl upward. The curtains are pulled fast. The door is locked and barred. A séance is about to begin. 
It is the 19th century, and you are attendees at a séance - a ritual gathering led by a Medium through whom you will attempt to reach beyond the veil in order to communicate with the spirits of the dead. It is a small village, so there are no strangers at this table, except perhaps the Medium who will be leading your séance - a strange and exotic figure none of you have met before. 

You have all lost someone, and this loss has brought you here tonight in the hopes of speaking with those who have passed on. The candles are lit and the door is locked. It is time to begin.

Areas of Note: The velvet cloaked table in the one room cabin
Goal: Speak with the departed, and keep your secrets safe.

Suggested Play Notes: When creating a character's Concept, as an additional field they should determine who they have lost. This should consist of a name and a one-word relationship to the character (ex: "Matron Samuels, Mentor", or "Freddy Jackson, Friend").

Brink Variant: Instead of creating Brinks, characters should create Secrets. These function similarly to Brinks, but instead of writing "I've seen you..." players should write "I know..." or "I know your secret..." followed by a secret they know about the character they're writing this for. These could be written similarly to Brinks (example: "I know you committed murder") or create something entirely new (examples: "I know you cheated on your husband with Joshua", "I know you're going to kill all of us", or "I know that you're actually the true Medium", etc). As usual, the GM is included in Brink creation and thusly a Secret is given to Them as well. They, in this case, could relate to something in the spirit realm, the Medium (if the character of the Medium is not claimed by a player), or something else entirely.