Game Consulting?

Yes, you heard that right! Hi! My name's Stephen Dewey and I want to help you make your game awesome. While I may be new to game publishing, I have a long history with the gaming hobby. Tabletop RPGs, board games, live action gaming experiences - I have done it all. Now, with an award-winning game under my belt, I want to help others who are new to game design to get their feet under them and take the scraps of a game idea and turn it into something amazing.

What does it entail?

Here's how it works. You'll send me your game - whatever you've got - and I will put it through the wringer. I'll read it cover to cover, playtest it (with you if you'd like), write up a full assessment, and have a meeting with you (over Google Hangouts or Skype) to discuss the game in full. I can help refine rules and mechanics, refocus theme, identify places to skim down or bulk up, and push you to work on the game until every sentence of it is exactly what you're looking for. I can focus time on helping you get through a sticky mechanic that isn't quite working, give advice or thoughts on a game as a whole, and can also offer information and point you at resources for publication (including self-publication), art and graphic design, crowdfunding, and manufacturing. 

How does it work?

First, send me an email at Give me the quick pitch on your game project, let me know some things you're hoping to get out of the consultation, and send me the rules you've got so far. I'll take a quick look at the game for absolutely free. That's just to make sure the game's at a point where I know I can really assist you with what you're looking to get out of the consultation. From there, I'll be in touch and we can work out payment. For independent creators, new designers, or folks first breaking into the hobby - especially diverse creators - my goal is to keep fees low (generally $15-$20/hour). I am more interested in helping creators make their games into something awesome than I am in making money. I also offer consultation for larger companies or more established designers, though fees may be a little higher. I will build every arrangement on a case-by-case basis to ensure that your needs are met as a designer and that you are 100% satisfied with the assistance you are receiving.