Cavalry Games - Accessibility

Cavalry Games is dedicated to publishing unique, evocative, and weird games. This includes games that are intense, emotional, thought provoking, and may deal with or address very serious real world themes. Creating games that are evocative, immersive, and that are designed to do some very specific things thematically and emotionally with the players, including but not limited to putting them in uncomfortable, anxious, or vulnerable positions, means that these games will sometimes be limited in practical scope and may only be presentable through very specific procedures and mechanical approaches. 

When games, in order to do what they're designed to do, have to put limits on the means through which they are played or enjoyed, this inherently works against a game's accessibility, and oftentimes the more niche and weird and specific the game is the more frequently accessibility issues will occur.

This page is meant to address accessibility concerns, and provide ample warning regarding content and known accessibility issues with the various games we offer. While this page does not cover all disability and accessibility issue, our intention is to provide a safe and inclusive environment in our games, and to continue learning how to make our corner of gaming as inclusive and approachable as possible as we move forward. We welcome any and all feedback you have. Send us an email!

View accessibility information regarding our various games below: